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    Tempo Reale/Festivals /Tempo Reale Festival 2021, PHONÉ

    Tempo Reale Festival 2021, PHONÉ

    Tempo Reale Festival 2021, PHONÉ

    Exploratory sounds and music
    14>22 september

    Bussotti, Ceccarelli, Fort, Noetinger, Scarlini, Tempo Reale Electroacoustic Ensemble

    Phoné is not just the title of a futuristic work by computer music pioneer John Chowning, it also aims to primarily be a symbolic reference to a creative system that turns the voice into its most privileged field of expression: from Sylvan Bussotti to Bernard Fort, all the way to the extremely contemporary theatre of voices of Ceccarelli and Noetinger, this section of the festival offers some insight into the modernity of electroacoustic vocal composition, ideally connecting to the StudioVox project that has shaped Tempo Reale’s digital spring. Experimentation and wonder follow one another in unique and original works and performances, once again the result of a network of artistic and institutional collaborations that feed our way of doing research.


    14 September, 19.00 hrs
    Limonaia di Villa Strozzi
    Luigi Ceccarelli | Laboratorio Voce

    Sound direction and live electronics by the participants of the VOCE workshop
    Live voice: Elena Bucci

    Luigi Ceccarelli, Notte d’inverno and Le Rane from Quattro pezzi su poesie di G.Pascoli (2007), for voice and digitally processed sounds

    Luigi Ceccarelli, Tupac Amaru – la deconquista, il pachacuti (2007), musical work from a poem by Gianni Toti

    Reciting voice: Giovanna Mori

    Two electroacoustic works by the participants of the VOCE workshop

    Luigi Ceccarelli is one of the leading Italian experts in the use of voice in electroacoustic music. His works include a long series of acousmatic compositions, works for radio, and music for voice theatre.
    In tonight’s works, both milestones of the genre, the constellation of voice is explored in the full vastity of its expressive potential. In a constant dialogue between electroacoustic sounds, instrumental atmospheres, and real sound environments, voice and sound form an inseparable unity, shaping the word and providing it with an emotional energy that strengthens the literal meaning of the text.
    The concert will also include the performance of two works produced by the participants of the CECCARELLI | VOCE workshop. Said performance will be enriched by the participation of the actress Elena Bucci, a long-time collaborator of the composer.

    photo © Edison Studio

    17 September, 19.30 hrs and 21.30 hrs
    Opus Ballet Light Box
    Bernard Fort | Cantico

    Bernard Fort, sound direction
    12 HAIKU, pour la paix céleste (1989-1992)
    Le Cantique des Créatures, acousmatic composition on a text by Saint Francis of Assisi (2021)

    A premiere of the new vocal work by Bernard Fort, pioneer of European acousmatic music and great commentator on the relationship between music and nature. Along with his famous Haikus, the programme is presenting a work of extraordinary significance, a reinterpretation in an experimental key of the Canticle of the Creatures by St. Francis, in an immersive combination of voices and sounds of great originality.

    * Italian preview
    GRM Commission with the support of the French Ministry of Culture
    In collaboration with Tempo Reale

    photo © Sylvain Daulin

    18 September, 19.30 hrs and 21.30 hrs
    Opus Ballet Light Box
    Jérôme Noetinger | Reel-to-Reel

    Jérôme Noetinger, improvvisazione elettroacustica con Revox B77

    Born in Marseille, Noetinger is a musician, filmmaker, editor, and also organizer, and has become one of the central figures of French electronic experimentation, especially in the relationship between improvisation and composition, as well as in the use of one specific electroacoustic instrument, the reel-to-reel tape recorder, of which he is an undisputed master.

    photo © Sophie Agnel

    22 September, 21:00 hrs
    Stensen Foundation
    Bussotti | Apology

    Tempo Reale Electroacoustic Ensemble
    Monica Benvenuti, coordination, voice
    Luca Paoloni, violin
    Umi Carroy, piano
    Jonathan Faralli, percussion
    Francesco Giomi, electronics
    Production: Tempo Reale
    In collaboration with: Fondazione Stensen, Bussotti Opera Ballet, Culter
    An event within 90BUSSOTTI – ascolti e visioni su Sylvano Bussotti*

    5 Videogiornali della sestina musicale 91 (1991) – video shorts
    I. Maurizio Costanzo; II. Alvaro Restrepo; III. Patty Pravo; IV. Moira Orfei; V. Moana Pozzi
    Production: Biennale di Venezia
    Introduction by Luca Scarlini with Rocco Quaglia
    Apology (1972) – full-length film
    Film and music by Sylvano Bussotti

    In the perspective of the idea of total work of art that Sylvano Bussotti embodies throughout his career, cinema plays a leading role. Along with the absolute avant-garde experiment that was Rara Film (1965-69), Apology is one of the most significant parts of his oeuvre: made in Berlin in 1972, this full-length film is a true rarity, long awaiting a significant process of sonification. This challenge is undertaken by a mixed quintet of performers, all widely used to the confrontation of Bussotti’s music and often also the recipients of his original works. The programme is opened by five amusing short videos made in 1991, where the Maestro himself interacts with some emblematic figures of Italian pop culture.

    * 90BUSSOTTI. Listens and visions on Sylvano Bussotti is realized with the contribution of the Municipality of Florence – Florentine Summer 2021, curated by Fabbrica Europa, Tempo Reale, Stensen Cultural Foundation, Florence Queer Festival, Maschietto Editore, in collaboration with Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Bussotti Opera Ballet and Marino Marini Museum, coordinated by Culter.
    The design group is made up of Monica Benvenuti, Maurizio Busìa, Michele Crocchiola, Maria Caterina Frani, Francesco Giomi, Luca Scarlini.

    photo: frame from Apology (1972)

    As per Legislative Decree 105/2021, access to shows is allowed only to subjects with Covid-19 green certification (Green Pass).

    14, 17 and 18 September 5€
    22 September full price 10€; reduced price/ARCI/Student Card 7€

    Director: Francesco Giomi
    Coordination: Loredana Terminio
    Organisation: Agnese Banti, Sofia Conti
    Technical organisation: Francesco Canavese (direction), Giovanni Magaglio, Leonardo Rubboli
    Lights: Luisa Giusti
    Web development and design: Mario Carovani
    Digital communication: Agnese Banti, Elena Raugei (Digipur)
    Administration: Massimo Carotti (direction), Roberta Porciani, Ilaria Collini

    Partner: Regione Toscana, Città Metropolitana di Firenze, Comune di Firenze, Estate Fiorentina, Ministero della Cultura, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio Firenze, Publiacqua, Quartiere 4, Istituto Francese di Firenze, Fondazione Stensen, Bussotti Opera Ballet, Culter, Arci Firenze, musicaelettronica.it, USMARADIO