BORDERSONG + dTHEd - Tempo Reale

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    Tempo Reale/Festivals /BORDERSONG + dTHEd



    Saturday, September 28, 21.30 hrs, Limonaia di Villa Strozzi

    Songwriting between experimentation and electronics
    Timoteo Carbone
    Stefano Mattozzi
    Francesco Altilio and Maryana Klochko

    synth, effects, contact microphones Simone Lanari; voice, effects Isobel Blank computer, effects Fabio Ricci

    The BorderSong project highlights young artists committed to parallel research itineraries: those aimed towards an experimental electronic sound, and those focused on a form of artistic communication that is immediately effective but no less complex or important. The concert joins musicians selected through a themed public call for participation with an up and coming Italian electronic pop band: the first album by dTHEd, released in 2019, is inspired by Timothy Morton’s Hyperobjects and by the sensory alterations of the neurodiverse.

    Selection committee: Francesco Giomi, Andrea Gozzi, Fulvio Paloscia, Elena Raugei
    With the support by SIAE – Classici di Oggi 2018-19
    Tempo Reale Festival 2019, Y