Tempo Reale Festival 2021, ARIA - Tempo Reale

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    Tempo Reale/2021 /Tempo Reale Festival 2021, ARIA

    Tempo Reale Festival 2021, ARIA

    Tempo Reale Festival 2021, ARIA

    Exploratory sounds and music
    June, 21st > 23rd

    Florence, Villa Strozzi Terrace

    ARIA is not just the title of an enigmatic John Cage composition. Instead, it most of all wishes to be a symbolic gesture that alludes to a feeling of reopening to the making of live music. We will accomplish this by organising an open-air programme in a little-known part of the park of Villa Strozzi, with the collaboration of a core team of Italian and international musicians, who have all responded enthusiastically to our tireless desire to offer exploratory music. Once again, we will therefore enjoy a rainbow of different approaches and of different instruments and languages, united by the spirit of exploration that has always been the distinctive mark of our activity.

    [more informations soon]