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Tempo Reale/Festival /2018 /KLANG MUSICA SPERIMENTALE #12




Klang 12Friday, September 28th 2018, 19 > 21 hrs
Limonaia di Villa Strozzi, Florence

1. Lucio Garau MUSICA OGGI
acousmatic music
Sei studi acusmatici op. 68 (2014) world premiere
*op. 27, Numeri* (1997) world premiere

2. Zimmerfrei SAFARI
Massimo Carozzi live set

3. Theodoros Lotis DUST SCENES
acousmatic music
Arioso Dolente / Beethoven Op. 110 (2002)
Winter Landscape 1: Brussels (2016)
Portrait d’une Manifestante (2014)

Acousmatic music is cast into space using loudspeakers and can suggest or inspire “aural images”. In this context, two composers (one Italian, the other Greek) are presenting a cross section of their work. Composer and all-round performer Garau will offer a perspective on his production, presenting his latest work which borders between sound theatre and an aesthetic approach. Lotis, one of the most interesting artists in the Greek electronic scene, bases his itinerary on a personal idea of musical landscape, alternating a new interpretation of Beethoven with compositions which draw from field recording materials recorded in extremely unusual situations. Between the two events, a live performance by Massimo Carozzi, a member of the Zimmerfrei collective from Bologna, who will be bringing his never-ending journey between the world’s sounds and environments to Florence for the first time ever.

Ticket €5