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    Tempo Reale/Festivals /AUDIOVISIONI SOUNDSCAPE




    AUDIOVISIONI 2Saturday, September 22nd – 17 hrs and 21:30 hrs
    Limonaia di Villa Strozzi, Florence
    Audiovisual works with sound landscapes


    17:00 hrs WORKSHOP
    The sound landscape in cinema
    with Lelio Camilleri, Andrea Gozzi

    21:30 hrs CONCERT
    Fragile (Luca Perciballi sound Mattia Scappini painting), Another Dream in town
    Alberto Madrigali sound Edoardo Colombani video, Natura_Urbano
    Emil Bruscolini sound and video, Porto
    Mattia Loris Siboni sound and video Francesca Longhi video, Ex.No Novo
    e-cor ensemble sound Salvatore Insana concept, film, editing, Questo piacere di inciampare e di spaccarci la testa contro la terra e il cielo
    Njordzitrone (Davide Baldazzi and Andrej Cebski) sound Caterina Appignani video, Dissolve/Collide

    Supported by SIAE / Progetto SIAE – Classici di Oggi

    Selection committee: Lelio Camilleri, Carla Chiti, Francesco Giomi, Andrea Gozzi

    A group of young Italian visual artists and electronic musicians have been given the chance to present their own audiovisual works based on the theme of landscape: works that suggest imaginary soundscapes, cities, locations, and territories, or works inspired by imaginary, invented, or virtual sound landscapes. Six projects have been selected from the many that had been presented, all very different in terms of approach, aesthetics, and technical realisation methods. This event is proof of the extraordinarily energetic moment of creativity currently being experienced in Italy in the field of artistic research.

    Ticket €5

    Whitin the European Erasmus + project “The soundscape we live in” (2016-2019)