VOCI POSSIBILI | Workshop on contemporary vocalism II - Tempo Reale

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    Tempo Reale/Education /VOCI POSSIBILI | Workshop on contemporary vocalism II

    VOCI POSSIBILI | Workshop on contemporary vocalism II

    VOCI POSSIBILI | Workshop on contemporary vocalism II

    Florence, 20> 22 September 2019,Villa Strozzi
    VOCI POSSIBILI | Workshop on contemporary vocalism II
    A study and research itinerary aimed at singers, performers, composers
    curated by NicoNote and Monica Benvenuti
    Within Tempo Reale Festival, Y  e di Research and sounds and music – Training 2019

    A study and research itinerary aimed at singers, performers, composers, curated by NicoNote and Monica Benvenuti
    A new appointment with VOCI POSSIBILI, the study itinerary on contemporary vocalism begun this January, conceived and curated by Niconote and Monica Benvenuti in collaboration with Tempo Reale. Aimed towards students from different cultural backgrounds, it intends to investigate contemporary vocalism using a transversal approach. The investigation trajectory of this study itinerary is intended to be inclusive of both academic and empirical training. The training course is divided into seminar workshop appointments: the next one is scheduled for 20/21/22 September 2019, and a third appointment will be scheduled for next winter. Every appointment of VOCI POSSIBILI is a moment for in-depth and new, independent study, and attendance of the previous workshops is not necessary. VOCI POSSIBILI is intended as a moment of study and reflection, of investigation, and of in-depth study on contemporary vocalism in an open manner, sensitive to multiple contributions, focused on themes that are identified and suggested every time. As in a tapestry, each Voice is a thread that tells a story, carries worlds, and evokes others. We shall explore these multiple vocalisms, in the footsteps of those that are known as “extended vocal techniques”.

    In this second appointment we will once again work on compositions by John Cage, Kurt Weill, Luciano Berio, Sylvano Bussotti, and others that will be indicated in progress. We will study scores that recall many voices, from different worlds and phonetics, and require different vocal approaches and expressive territories. The teachers will work empirically within space, physically passing through fragments of improvisation. From the analysis of the score, the vocalist will first of all intercept their own almost dramaturgical adherence to the score, up to the voices needed for the performance. A form of research that underlies the vocal instrument itself.

    The appointments will take place at Studio B in Tempo Reale, Via Pisana 77, Florence.
    September 20th, afternoon: 14-19 hrs
    September 21st, morning: 11-13 hrs; afternoon: 14-19 hrs
    September 22nd, morning: 11-14 hrs

    Cost: 140€

    To register, send the appropriately completed registration form within SEPTEMBER 10th to the following address: corsi@temporeale.it
    There is no selection to access the course. However, a short CV is welcome. Places are limited to a maximum of 20 participants and a minimum number of 7. The workshop does not include the presence of auditors. Registration is considered confirmed only if completed by filling in the application form and paying the advance registration fee. If the minimum number of participants is not reached, the course will not take place and the registration fee will be reimbursed in full.

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