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The soundscape we live in


The soundscape we live in

The soundscape we live in is a strategic partnerships project, financially supported by the Erasmus+ programm (2016-2019), developing around the soundscape’s listening.
It comes out of a common wish to implement electroacoustic techniques and digital tools for pedagogical purposes.

Based on shared experiences and transmission of knowledge, the project hinges on the complementarities of the five structures implementing it:

GMVL, France. Creation, production, education, publishing, research
Tempo Reale, Italy. Production, research, education
Amici della musica de Cagliari, Italy. Festival di Musica Contemporanea di Cagliari organization, STRATI software creation, shows for young audience
AFEA/Festival DEM, Portugal. Education, festival Dias de Mùsica Electroacùstica organization
EPHMEE, Greece. University, laboratory

Our goals are:

-Training in listening
-To raise awareness about our current soundscape
-To encourage and value the artistic creation, the exchanges and new sound creation modes’ conception
-Creations, teachings and pedagogical methods’ sharing at the European scale
-To educate citizens about acoustic ecology and sound pollution
-To establish a corpus around these matters, available to the widest public for free thanks to a dedicated web platform

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