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    Tempo Reale/Education /Silenzio, si urla!

    Silenzio, si urla!

    Silenzio, si urla!

    Le Chiavi della città a.s. 2019/2020

    Silenzio, si urla! – Cod. 200
    Sound awareness project

    The classroom is often a place where voices and sounds overlap, creating a chaotic sound environment that does not facilitate communication or learning. Silenzio, si urla! (“Quiet, we are screaming”) is a didactic itinerary aimed at the rediscovery of that subtle balance between silence and the presence of sound, a moment of discovery of voice and of the act of listening. Voice education is an important topic for pupils as well as for teachers, where vocality is considered as a trace of one’s sound identity, emerging from the silence and being delivered to others. Therefore, silence becomes the essential condition for communication, a place of discovery and not an instrument of punishment and constraint. This modular and interdisciplinary itinerary includes a progressive path of listening and exploration, running through one’s body, one’s voice, and sound considered as a direct element of relationship with the environment and with others. The course is a shared training project with teachers and families, and is designed for primary and secondary schools, and for teacher training.

    Recipients: primary and first level secondary schools

    Project prepared by Tempo Reale, in collaboration with the Department of Education of the Municipality of Florence – Assessorato all’Educazione – Comune di Firenze

    Link to project description:
    Download the postcard: Tempo Reale_2019_Silenzio si urla_cartolina.pdf