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    Tempo Reale/Education /PARRROLE DI SUONO | Third cycle

    PARRROLE DI SUONO | Third cycle

    PARRROLE DI SUONO | Third cycle

    PARRROLE DI SUONO returns with a third cycle of digital training sessions on the themes of sound and new languages of music. Five weekly events where internationally renowned scholars and teachers take turns on the listening topics, reaching to fields that are only apparently distant from each other but which are all connected by the thread of research: studies on the sound landscape, research in Italian progressive rock, immersive audio technologies, the relationship between sound and architecture, the auditory experience.

    All sessions will be available live on the centre’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Participation to the webinars is free. Upon the cycle’s end, the sessions will be available on Tempo Reale’s YouTube channel.


    Friday, 3 February 2023, 18-19.30 hrsElvira Di Bona
    How do we listen? Discovering the auditory experience

    What are sounds? How do we perceive them? What is the dimension of their time? Elvira Di Bona, philosopher and researcher on the themes of sound and perception, leads us through the discovery of auditory experience and its intricate mechanisms, between sensation, consciousness, and memory.

    Friday 10 February 2023 18-19.30 hrs

    City listening, towards sustainable urban soundscapes

    The city, with its endless whirlwind of sound, represents the soundscape of our everyday life. Sound artist Katrinem tells us about her performative practices, where the relationship between sound and urban space finds its balance through the act of walking.

    Friday 17 February 2023 18-19.30 hrs
    Gianluca Grazioli
    Listening to space, the formats, devices, and history of immersive audio

    Technological progress seems to increasingly lead artistic fruition towards an immersive context. The world of audio may have been the first to explore these possibilities. With the scholar Gianluca Grazioli we will track back through the history of sound technologies, from their beginnings to the latest implementations in the field of virtual reality.

    Friday 24 February 2023, 18-19.30 hrs
    Donato Zoppo
    Radiation Area, the sonic and musical research of Area, between art and politics

    Bringing together rock, jazz, and avant-garde, the band Area still remain a unique case in the landscape of Italian music. Musicologist Donato Zoppo will tell us about the evolution of their musical language within the revolutionary climate of Italy in the 1970s.

    Friday 3 March 2023, 18-19.30 hrs
    Luigi De Angelis
    Fanny & Alexander, image and sound on stage

    Sound and music have almost always had a central role in the works of the Fanny & Alexander theatre company. Luigi De Angelis tells us of the integration of musical thinking and sound technologies in the creation of shows such as Grand Bois, Discorso Grigio, and The Garden.

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