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    Tempo Reale/Education /PARRROLE DI SUONO | Online events and lectures Zoom/Facebook/YouTube

    PARRROLE DI SUONO | Online events and lectures Zoom/Facebook/YouTube

    PARRROLE DI SUONO | Online events and lectures Zoom/Facebook/YouTube

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    PARRROLE DI SUONO, a title inspired by the lyrics of Luciano Berio’s electroacoustic work “Visage” recited by Cathy Berberian, is a cycle of online events and lectures dealing with the themes of sound and the new languages of new music. International experts and renowned Italian academics will share the limelight, ranging from the general themes of sound comprehension and new music technologies to the analysis of specific expressions of musical language, such as improvisation and sound art. The cycle aims to provide a broad panoramic view, explaining sounds from a variety of perspectives: not just through “music”, but also from the eyes of theatre, of visual art, of anthropology, of computer science.
    The first event, at the end of January 2021, takes into consideration the theme of sound art: this will be an opportunity to present ClockClacked, Tempo Reale’s new portal, which aims to preserve and promote awareness of the productions made by the Centre throughout its history, and which will see the participation of researchers, sound artists, and contemporary art curators.
    The four training sessions, scheduled to start in February 2021, will be held by prominent names in the Italian scientific community, who will explain sound from the point of view of their discipline. The cycle will have an informative, educational angle but will not sacrifice complexity, providing accessible contents without losing scientific precision. All the events will be held and broadcast live on the Centre’s Facebook page. The videos will be available on Tempo Reale’s YouTube channel.


    26 January 2021
    Lunga vita alla sound art! (Long live sound art)
    Seminar on the safeguard and enhancement of sound installations

    On the occasion of the launch of ClockClacked, the new web portal dedicated to the sound art works and sound installations created by Tempo Reale throughout its history, the Centre is offering an afternoon of discussion, divided into a series of talks by contemporary art experts, musicologists, researchers, and sound artists. With Simone Frittelli (Galleria Frittelli Arte Contemporanea), Giacomo Albert (Bologna University), Federica Bressan (Stony Brook University, NY), Laura Zattra (Bologna Conservatory/Ircam Paris), Giulia Sarno (Florence University/Tempo Reale), Agnese Banti (Tempo Reale), Francesco Giomi (Tempo Reale), Luisa Santacesaria (Tempo Reale).

    6 February 2021
    Lelio Camilleri
    Il suono della fantascienza (The sound of science fiction)
    The technical and creative challenges confronted by the pioneers of sound design

    The second event will be held by Lelio Camilleri, composer and musicologist, who will tell the compelling story of sound design in science fiction cinema. To imagine and create a sonic landscape is a fundamental step that allows the distant worlds of science fiction to come to life. This event will describe the technical and creative challenges of the great musical pioneers who have produced iconic sounds that are now part of our collective imagination.

    20 February 2021
    Enrico Pitozzi
    Il teatro della voce (Theatre of voice)
    The voice on the scene, from Carmelo Bene to the latest Italian theatre experiences

    Theatre researcher and academic Enrico Pitozzi will present the third event, which focuses on the theme of voice on stage. The talk starts from Carmelo Bene and reaches Chiara Guidi|Societas Raffaello Sanzio, Teatro delle Albe, and Teatro Valdoca, among others, framing them within what this scholar defines as Theatre of voice.

    6 March 2021
    Giovanni Mori
    Cos’è il live coding? (What is live coding?)
    History of computer programming as an improvisational activity

    Live coding is a musical improvisation performance technique where the performer uses a programming language to provide the computer with instructions in the form of algorithms. During this fourth event, musicologist Giovanni Mori will introduce this performance technique, which in Italy is still little-known and rarely used.

    20 March 2021
    Stefano Zenni
    The sound of jazz
    Techniques, practices, and meanings of the sounds of jazz

    The cycle of events will conclude with jazz historian and music critic Stefano Zenni’s telling of the fascinating story of sound processing in African American cultures. From the use of instrument mutes to the introduction of electric instruments, all the way to voice manipulation, this session will provide a wide overview of the foremost experimental experiences of one of the most important musical traditions in music history.

    For further information, for active participation, and for questions addressed to the speakers, please register to the webinar by writing to