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    Tempo Reale/Production /ORKESTRA RISTRETTA




    Leitmotive Sollicciano24Orkestra Ristretta is the result of Massimo Altomare’s long-standing work and well-established experience within Sollicciano Prison, wherein music presents itself as a chance for opening up, for dialogue, and for knowledge. The partnership with Tempo Reale started in 2014, reciprocally linked by common ideals and methodological approaches.

    The project initially originated from the experience of the Musica Terra Comune workshop which, making use of communication between different musical cultures, had the final objective of creating a “Musical Metissage” experience through a series of performances mixing different languages, styles, and cultures; over the years, the Musica Terra Comune workshop started to evolve and, in 2007, became the Orkestra Ristretta project. A close collaboration with Tempo Reale began in 2014,with the Leitmotiv Sollicciano project, hosting Altomare’s work among the centre’s institutional activities and presenting a concert evening at Sollicciano Prison within the annual Progetto Primavera event, which marks the conclusion of the musical training done by Altomare with the inmates.

    Wednesday, May 17th, 2017, 10:00 hrs
    Casa Circondariale di Sollicciano, Florence

    In collaboration with Regione Toscana, Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, Ministero di Giustizia, Casa Circondariale di Sollicciano

    The inmate musicians of Orkestra Ristretta, guided by Massimo Altomare, return to the stage with a concert for high schools of the Florentine Metropolitan Area. This initiative, part of the social engagement activities carried out by Tempo Reale, is the final part of the SCUOLA-CARCERE project promoted by Sollicciano prison’s school with the goal of putting students in contact with the world of correctional institutions, allowing them to experience a first-hand relationship with all the aspects which characterise a structure designed to isolate and simultaneously re-educate. An important chance for different individuals and situations to meet, an opportunity for dialogue, an open window on worldwide musical cultures, an event dedicated to learning, respect, and hospitality.

    All teachers interested in participating with their classes please send a reservation email to orkestraristretta@temporeale.it indicating the name of the school institute, the class, and the number of students involved. Upon reservation, each teacher will receive indications on entry modes and participation to the concert, along with forms which must be filled in and returned so as to obtain authorisation to access the prison complex.

    Thursday, September 29th, 2016, 21:00 hrs
    Casa Circondariale di Sollicciano, Florence
    Orkestra Ristretta, Massimo Altomare, Scaramouche

    In collaboration with Ministero di Giustizia and Casa Circondariale di Sollicciano

    Orkestra Ristretta is one of the 100 bands subsidised by the Toscana 100 Band 2016 project within Giovanisì – Regione Toscana

    Thursday, May 19th, 2015, 21:00 hrs
    Casa Circondariale di Sollicciano, Florence
    Orkestra Ristretta, Massimo Altomare, Pastis

    In collaboration with Ministero di Giustizia, Comune di Firenze Q/4, Casa Circondariale di Sollicciano and Arci Firenze

    Thursday, May 19th, 14:00, 15:30, and 17:00 hrs
    Casa Circondariale di Sollicciano, Florence
    A musical itinerary to discover the prison
    Orkestra Ristretta, Massimo Altomare

    In collaboration with Casa Circondariale di Sollicciano