Open call | TEMPO REALE FORMAZIONE 2018 - Tempo Reale

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    Tempo Reale/Education /Open call | TEMPO REALE FORMAZIONE 2018

    Open call | TEMPO REALE FORMAZIONE 2018


    Open call | TEMPO REALE FORMAZIONE 2018

    risonatoreTempo Reale’s musical training activities return in 2018 with two new events in April and May: a workshop conducted by the cellists Anthea Caddy and Judith Hamann, who will be among the guests of the third edition of TRK. Sound Club on the coming 20th of April, and a training workshop for young musicians dealing with the development of interactive systems for sound, held by the sound designer Giorgio Sancristoforo, which is planned for the month of May.

    > 18-20 April, 2018
    with Anthea Caddy and Judith Hamman

    Through their work on the cello, these two Australian musicians create an immersive performing experience where the instrument’s acoustic capabilities are fully explored.

    The short workshop Durational Electroacoustic Listening and Composition in Instrumental Performance concentrates on the specific processes in the creation of longer compositions. Using experimental improvisation procedures, combined with listening exercises, Caddy and Hamann will guide participants through their own compositional approach, which is based on cooperation and practice. The workshop will focus on various forms of experimentation including the dialectics between materials and action, with the objective of finding sound objects which generate their own development within time, as well as the multiplication of resonant bodies (frequencies, instruments, performers, and speakers). During this workshop, participants will develop new strategies for the creation of sound works firmly positioned in the intersection between composition and performance, but which do not coincide with a strictly improvisational or aleatory concept.
    The workshop has no restrictions regarding the instrument types to be admitted, and will conclude with the staging of a collective performance with the participation of all musicians involved.

    18 April Preliminary meeting – Tempo Reale
    19 April Workshop – Galleria Frittelli Arte Contemporanea
    20 April Collective performance – Galleria Frittelli Arte Contemporanea

    Enrolment: email specifying your name, surname, and instrument.
    Entries close on April 2nd, 2018.
    Participation fee: 30 € (payment methods will be notified to the selected musicians. Payments must be made by April 13th, 2018).
    Vacancies available: 4

    In collaboration with Australia Council for the Arts, Creative Victoria


    > 17-19 and 25 May, 2018
    Tempo Reale, Florence
    Three-axis modal synthesis
    Organised by AGON Milano

    How to design and play hyperrealistic virtual musical instruments. Sounds which are “more authentic than reality”, created on computers thanks to the instruments offered by CAD and by higher level musical programming languages such as MaxMSP and Pure Data.
    The workshop begins designing 3D models of resonators in various materials (such as glass, plastic, metal, marble, or exotic ones such as jewels or rare metals) and ends with the creation of a series of polyphonic musical instruments using MaxMSP, based on a variation of modal sound synthesis. During the three-day workshop, participants will learn about model design elements on Autodesk Fusion 360, modal synthesis, and signal processing on MaxMSP, and will be guided in the creation of their own instruments with the aim of setting up a live multichannel performance.

    Student requirements and instruments:

    • Good knowledge of MaxMSP or Pure Data
    • Win/Mac portable computer with authorised versions of Max7 and Autodesk Fusion 360 installed.
    • Portable digital recorder (optional)
    • Minijack stereo – dual TS mono jack cable

    17-19 May WORKSHOP – Tempo Reale
    25 May CONCERT – Limonaia di Villa Strozzi

    Enrolment: email 
    Entries close on May 2nd, 2018.
    Participation fee: 30 € (payment methods will be notified to the selected musicians. Payments must be made by May 8th, 2018).
    Vacancies available: 6

    With the support of SIAE / Progetto SIAE – Classici di Oggi