LFO (in space) | Creative improvisation workshop for electroacoustic ensemble (#11) - Tempo Reale

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    Tempo Reale/Education /LFO (in space) | Creative improvisation workshop for electroacoustic ensemble (#11)

    LFO (in space) | Creative improvisation workshop for electroacoustic ensemble (#11)

    LFO (in space) | Creative improvisation workshop for electroacoustic ensemble (#11)

    September 7-9, 2020
    Tempo Reale, Florence

    Workshop run by Francesco Giomi

    Tempo Reale resumes its didactic activity with a workshop dedicated to the practice of playing together, with a special focus on the relationship between improvisation and concert spaces.

    The workshop is inspired by the LFO project, conceived by Francesco Giomi, which requires an ensemble of improvisers directed by a conductor.

    LFO stands for Light Freedom Orchestra. A new way to understand the orchestra and to play live with others: no longer following a written score, the composition is instead created and develops at the same time as it is being played. A “light” freedom that stimulates the expressiveness of each musician, linking it to that of the “conductor” and conveying it in an unscripted manner towards a narrative path established by all involved parts.

    LFO stands for Low Frequency Oscillator. In electronic synthesizers this is an instrument that modulates the sound, providing it with a pace over time: in a parallel way the conductor opens and closes the sound coming from the musicians, changing and transforming it to drive the musical discourse through an extemporaneous route.

    LFO incorporates concepts developed by great improvisers and conductors (Bruno Maderna, Butch Morris, Elio Martusciello), integrating them in a truly original manner with experiences drawn from electroacoustic music and modulating them into fully personal creative patterns. The workshop intends to examine music that can be framed as a collective expression, where the creative sensitivity of the participating musicians meets the spontaneity of improvisation, searching for new forms of language. The activities will be of an introductory type, but through their intensive character the workshop intends to reach significant results in the development of the musicians’ creative sensitivities within the field of real time improvisation.

    The workshop will end with an extended concert (thus embracing one of the themes of Tempo Reale Festival’s Summer edition), which will be included in the festival’s programme. For said concert, Tempo Reale will provide a regular legal employment framework for musicians.

    This training period will be a chance to rediscover the joy of making music together in full safety, and so both the workshop and the concert will take place in the spacious environment of the Limonaia of Villa Strozzi, where distances between the artists and between audience members will be respected in full safety, in compliance with current anti-contagion laws and regulations.

    September 7th
    morning: participants arrive; afternoon: 14.30-17.30 hrs workshop
    September 8th
    morning: 10.00-13.00 hrs workshop; 14.30-17.30 hrs workshop
    September 9th
    morning: 10.00-13.00 hrs workshop and rehearsals; evening: concert

     PARTICIPANTS AND ENSEMBLE: No specific linguistic abilities are required, but a strong technical mastery of one’s own instrument is mandatory, along with a pronounced and well-documented flair for improvisation and for collective creative work. The number of musicians may vary, with the following ensemble structure in mind: digital electronic instruments, analogue electronic instruments, voice, and acoustic instruments of any kind, provided that they are fully autonomous. Particularly bulky percussion instruments or the piano are therefore excluded, as is any instrument not provided by participants; any type of live electronics that re-elaborate signals from others are also not allowed.

    The number of participants is set to a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 12. Tempo Reale will perform a selection of participants.

    Cost: 100€

    The workshop will be held in Italian

    To register, the following documents must be sent within JULY 18TH to the address corsi@temporeale.it:

    1. The properly completed registration form 
    2. A brief artist CV
    3. A copy of personal ID document

    The registration is considered to be confirmed only if completed with the fully compiled participation form and advance payment of the registration fee. Payment methods are listed in the participation form.

    For further information, please contact: corsi@temporeale.it

     Download the registration form 


    FRANCESCO GIOMI is a composer and sound director who has collaborated with Luciano Berio and other important composers, musicians, choreographers, and directors, as well as with Italian and foreign orchestras and ensembles. He has led the live electronics team of Tempo Reale (the music research centre founded by Berio) in important theatres and festivals all around the world. He has been active for many years as a creator of works tied to new technologies and as a conductor of creative improvisations, performed in concert in Bologna, Bremen, Florence, Perugia, Rovereto, Urbino, Warsaw. He has collaborated as a performing artist with David Moss, Uri Caine, Jim Black, Sonia Bergamasco, Elio Martusciello. He teaches Electronic Music at Bologna’s Conservatory of Music and is the director of Tempo Reale.

    photo © Roberto Deri