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    Tempo Reale/Education /LA STANZA DEL SUONO LAB




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    Creative workshop for awareness of environmental sound

    Can objects be musical instruments? Can music be everywhere? On Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th December Tempo Reale is offering a workshop for children 6 to 10, in collaboration with Museo Chini in Borgo San Lorenzo and Associazione Remida: two hours spent together to discover the sounds of the Museum and to learn to play objects and body parts, with help from Stanza del Suono.


    In a playful and relational manner, the workshop offers a guided journey designed for the children to experiment with their psychomotor and sensorial abilities, as well as their listening capacities and their degree of attention through their bodies, considered as a privileged channel for perception and creative action related to sound.
    This project allows children to experience sensitivity and new awareness of sounds within an extremely polluted society on a sight and sound level; furthermore, creative possibilities are developed in the direction of sonic expression, musical forms, and improvisation.




    The project makes use of highly innovative and experimental formative methods which include and integrate the direct and knowledge-based approach to the transmission of knowledge as well as various modes of experiential and creative learning which make use of individual or collective guided practices. The development and implementation of these methods is supported by a collaboration with experts in the fields of training and education, guaranteeing the scientific quality and relevance of the itineraries, monitoring their stages and results. The workshop is held by performance artist and development and education psychologist Caterina Poggesi, an expert in art education and body practices. The activity will be held inside and outside the museum, and we therefore recommend comfortable clothing which is also ideal for outside temperatures.


    In the first phase, participants will be guided towards the reactivation of their listening skills through targeted exercises and recreational activities, using their own bodies as the primary instrument for this investigation.
    The second phase includes an exploration of sound in the spaces inside and outside the museum: sounds emerging from careful listening will be catalogued for the creation of a kind of library, where each sound will have its own visual rendering so as to form a shared alphabet. In the third phase the participants will be divided into groups and guided through the reorganisation of the sounds in the previously developed library and their compositional formalisation. The intention of this process is to allow children to create their own composition, using a site-specific score.



    Groups of up to 10/15 children (minimum age 6 years old)



    The same activity will be offered over two consecutive days on December 27th and 28th from 15:30 to 18:00 hrs.



    Reservation is compulsory and places are limited to 15 children; participation in the workshop is included in the price of entry to Chinilab. For bookings: please email or call 055 8456230 or 328-0668232