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Tempo Reale/Education /FIELD RECORDING / ARNO




fieldrecording2Soundscape recording Workshop

A parallel itinerary towards learning and self-awareness regarding the new technological and conceptual mechanisms that define the most recent examples of sound art: this is the promise of the Field Recording /Arno workshop, which will be held in Florence from the 25th to the 27th of October, 2016. The objectives of the workshop, curated by Bernard Fort (GMVL, Lyon), are to provide the basic instruments for the collection, the creation, and the re-elaboration of a natural soundscape in an artistic vein. The workshop, which is intended for musicians, young creatives, and artists, will concentrate on the sound landscape of the Arno river and is part of the initiatives of the RIVA Project, held in collaboration with Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea and Fondazione Studio Marangoni in the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the flood of the Arno.

Project realised within Regione Toscana’s Toscanaincontemporanea2016
In collaboration with the French Institute of Florence

Curated by Bernard Fort
Dates: October 25th to 27th
Maximum amount of participants: 15 (preferably aged under 30)
Workshop language: Italian
Locations: Banks of the river Arno (for outdoor recordings), Tempo Reale / Villa Strozzi (postproduction)
PLEASE NOTE: the maximum number of participants has been reached

Participation is free 

Message for participants (downloadable PDF) 

Program (downloadable PDF)