CONDUCTION | Workshop for improvisers with Elio Martusciello - Tempo Reale

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    Tempo Reale/Education /CONDUCTION | Workshop for improvisers with Elio Martusciello

    CONDUCTION | Workshop for improvisers with Elio Martusciello

    CONDUCTION | Workshop for improvisers with Elio Martusciello

    Florence, 30 September > 2 October 2019, Limonaia di Villa Strozzi
    CONDUCTION | Workshop for improvisers with Elio Martusciello

    An ensemble training course aimed at electronic musicians and instruments held by Elio Martusciello
    In occasion of Tempo Reale Festival, Y  e di Research sounds and music – Training 2019

    The workshop aims to bring participants closer to conduction, an execution practice in which a conductor leads a group of improvisers during a performance using a shared gestural code. Participants will be led towards an understanding of the logic of signs and of their interactive quality. Thanks to the improvisational action, every musician can become aware of their own role and responsibility in the process of collective musical construction, and also of the ability of every other component of the ensemble to interact with the other musicians and with the conductor.

    The workshop is open to all active Italian and foreign musicians, with no age limit: instruments of any type (classic, ethnic, electronic, self-made, voice, etc.) are admitted but will be completely autonomous, if not for the possible need for specific amplification or microphoning to be agreed with the technical direction of Tempo Reale. Tempo Reale will also evaluate, with further selections, instruments that are not easily transportable (piano, keyboard percussion instruments, large percussion instruments, etc.) depending on the number of proposals received. The workshop will have its public presence with a concert directed by Elio Martusciello within the Tempo Reale Festival (section Y), on October 2nd.

    The meetings will take place at the Limonaia of Villa Strozzi, via Pisana 77, Florence, with the following configuration:
    30 September
    Afternoon: 14-18 hrs
    1st October
    Morning: 10-13 hrs
    Afternoon: 15-18 hrs
    2nd October
    Morning: 10-13 hrs
    Concert at 21.30 hrs
    Cost: € 150

    Places are limited
    The workshop will be held in Italian
    With the support by SIAE – Classici di Oggi 2018-19

    To register, send the appropriately completed registration form within SEPTEMBER 10th to the following address:
    Registration is considered confirmed only if completed by filling in the application form and paying the advance registration fee.

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    [registration form]

    Biographical notes: Elio Martusciello is an Italian musician and experimental music composer, and teaches electronic music at the Conservatory of Naples. He studied photography with Mimmo Jodice and visual arts with Carlo Alfano, Armando De Stefano, and Rosa Panaro. His musical aesthetics fundamentally derive from acousmatic art, but in addition to the acousmatic musical composition he composes for instruments and live electronics, and works in the field of art installation, multimedia, visual arts and electro-acoustic improvisation. He is a founding member of the Ossatura group. His works have been produced by Recommended Records, Staalplaat, Die Schachtel, Ambiances Magnétiques, FMP, GMEM, IMEB, etc. Furthermore, he has collaborated with musicians such as Ana-Maria Avram, Natasha Barrett, Eugene Chadbourne, Alvin Curran, Chris Cutler, Iancu Dumitrescu, Tim Hodgkinson, Thomas Lehn, Lawrence D. “Butch” Morris, Jerome Noetinger, Tony Oxley, Evan Parker, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Z’EV, Guy Chenevier, Gene Coleman, Mike Cooper, Rhodri Davies, Dieb13, Jacques Di Donato, Michel Doneda, etc.

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