Workshop by Matteo Marangoni
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Starting from an interest in the auditory perception of urban spaces and of architecture, the workshop “CITY SONDOLS – the art of sounds from an urban perspective” contributes temporary appropriation techniques for urban and architectural spaces, transforming them into scenic design for sonic and aesthetic rituals where the line between protest, gameplay, and sensory exploration is at its thinnest.

The workshop, aimed at six artists and musicians selected via an open call, will be held in Florence from the 19th to the 21st of October in the headquarters of Tempo Reale (Villa Strozzi - Via Pisana 77) by Matteo Marangoni iii (instrument inventors initiative), artist and expert in field recordings, sound archives, programming, and DIY electronics. The course’s objective is to introduce participants to essential concepts on sound landscapes and public space, using examples of musical and sound works ranging from the classic avantgarde to the contemporary. Special attention will be given to echolocation as an “active perception” technique. The City Sondols sound composition, created by the participants at the end of the workshop, will be presented to the audience on the night of Friday, October 21st.

Workshop by Matteo Marangoni for Sonic Somatic
in collaboration with Tempo Reale 

Dates: October 19th to 21st
Timetables: full availability of participants on 19-21 October, including night hours if necessary
Number of participants: 6
Workshop language: Italian
Locations: Tempo Reale / Villa Strozzi – via pisana, 77
Enrolment: please contact using the subject line “workshop Matteo Marangoni”, enclosing your curriculum vitae and a short motivation letter.
Registration deadline: October 10th, 2016
Participation is free of charge