RADIOSCAPES (TRC11) - Tempo Reale

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    Francesco Canavese, electric guitar
    Francesco Giomi, radio and synthesizers
    Stefano Rapicavoli, drums and percussions

    1. Un tavolino a parte (21’05”)
    2. California (9’27”)
    3. Giornate colorate (21’43”)

    Production: Tempo Reale, 2020

    Zumtrio is a project born at Tempo Reale to investigate the relationships between structure and improvisation. It has a strong “electric” nature, open to different languages and interaction modalities. It explores a completely free and not idiomatic idea of musical expression, whose roots come from the electroacoustic avantgarde, experimental jazz and creative improvisation, by catalysing emotional soundscapes, always surprising and unexpected. The presence of a live processed analog radio gives the music a possible interpretation towards an idea of plurality.

    Photo © The Factory PRD

    Recording sound engineer: Antonio Castiello
    Mixing: Francesco Canavese
    Mastering: Fabrizio Barale (Piave34 Studio, Cuneo)
    Technical assistance: Giovanni Magaglio, Leonardo Rubboli
    Cover image: Mario Carovani

    Music recorded at Tempo Reale/Villa Strozzi in January 2020