ROUND (TRC12) - Tempo Reale

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    ROUND (TRC12)

    ROUND is an improvisation technique produced by the research of Minus – collettivo d’improvvisazione. It is based on a series of rules that guide the relationships between musicians while performing, and its objective is the construction of a modular form, using construction modules and diversion modules. ROUND is not a preordained chain of events: instead, it describes a series of possible situations and suggests routes that might be taken by the performers, while allowing the possibility of choice at all times. In ROUND the musician is not just invited to play, but also and most of all to listen, giving the other musicians their space, aiming towards the construction of a sense of community and not just a mere juxtaposition of individual proposals. Upon listening, one may perceive an elastic form that finds structure while being created, where the various different improvisational situations occur within a continuous cycle.

    1. ROUND #4 (13’21”)
      Giacomo Bertocchi, clarinets, alto saxophone; Daniele Carcassi, digital set, soundscapes; Filippo Cassani, saxophones; Simone Faraci*, prepared piano, objects, and live electronics; Giuseppe Franchellucci, cello and live electronics; Federico Pipia*, live Electronics
    1. ROUND #5 (11’01”)
      Giacomo Bertocchi, Clarinet; Michael Harding, drums; Matteo Pastorello*, no-input mixer and live electronics; Francesco Perissi, electric guitar, vocals, live electronics; Federico Pipia*, electric bass and live electronics
    1. ROUND #6 (12’09”)
      Simone Faraci*, synth; Marco Giampieretti*, synth; Francesco Giomi, digital set, radio; Giovanni Magaglio*, sampler
    1. ROUND #7 (12’54”)
      Filippo Cassani, saxophones; Jacopo Mittino, synth; Giovanni Onorato, objects and live electronics; Matteo Pastorello*, no-input mixer, radio, live electronics; Niccolò Salvi*, synth

    * Regular members of Minus – collettivo d’improvvisazione

    Recorded in Bologna at MicroBo Studio; Round #6 recorded in Florence at Tempo Reale/Studio B
    Mix: Marco Giampieretti, Matteo Pastorello, Federico Pipia, Niccolò Salvi
    Mastering: Marco Giampieretti
    Cover illustration: Valerio Immordino

    Special thanks to: Giacomo Bertocchi, Daniele Carcassi, Filippo Cassani, Giuseppe Franchellucci, Francesco Giomi, Michael Harding, Valerio Immordino, Jacopo Mittino, Giovanni Onorato, Tempo Reale, MicroBo music Bologna.