MANY MORE VOICES (TRC02) - Tempo Reale

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    David Moss, vocals and lyrics
    Sdeng/Francesco Canavese and Francesco Giomi, sound and live electronics

    A purely musical performance featuring the interaction between the voice of David Moss and the unlimited electroacoustic universe, going from references to mass consumer music to the greatest depths of sonic experimentation. All this within a cutting-edge technological structure, making use of new techniques for live transformation of sounds and with uncommon processes managing the relationship between structure and improvisation.

    Recorded live in March 2011 at Città del Teatro in Cascina

    Produced by Lunatica Festival/ Province of Massa Carrara, Castello in Movimento/Castello Malaspina of Fosdinovo, Tempo Reale

    Special thanks to Fosfeni Festival and La città del teatro

    Mix: Francesco Canavese, Damiano Meacci
    Booklet photos: Elisabetta Macumelli