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    Tempo Reale/Discographic and digital releases /LELIO CAMILLERI / PARALLEL (TRC06)



    These pieces represent a part of my electroacoustic music compositional output in a timespan of more then 30 years. All the pieces are based on ideas or sounds that are strongly connected with my personal life: the sounds of the town where I spent most of my summers, a series of poems, the music of my youth and others. I have unfolded these ideas or sounds in a well-defined form articulated by several sound objects derived from the transformations of a limited set of sound sources. My main belief is that my pieces and the musical discourse they entail should contain both aural and mimetic properties.

    1. Parallel
    2. Apostrophe
    3. The world is yours
    4. Tess in Stonehenge
    5. Four Haiku (I. Water)
    6. Four Haiku (II. Rubber)
    7. Four Haiku (III. Voices)
    8. Four Haiku (IV. String)
    9. Minimal poems (based on poems by Aram Saroyan)
    10. Rock around the loop
    11. Tristan und Isolde

    Audio master: Damiano Meacci (2015)

    Tracks 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 were realised at Tempo Reale, Firenze
    Tracks 2 was realised at the Electronic Music Studio – Conservatory of Music G.B. Martini, Bologna
    Track 4 was realised at the Psychoacustica en Elektronische Muziek, Gent
    Track 11 was realised at Musicological Division CNUCE/C.N.R., Pisa