FRAGILE (TRC10) - Tempo Reale

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    An atypical duo formed by painter Mattia Scappini and by Luca Perciballi, Fragile originated from the desire to recover the studies and tendencies of the classic twentieth century avant-garde, starting from the historical figure and theoretical writings of Paul Klee. The Swiss painter had understood that the mutual correspondence between visual arts and music, whilst being so different in gestation, technique, and means, can only be highlighted if the common starting materials are reduced to their absolute minimum, made to be the main object, in their absolute form. This way, the two arts find a common language from which their interaction can begin, while always maintaining their own specific features. The final result is an improvisation performance where the guitar loses its usual characteristics and, thanks to electronics, turns into a colour; meanwhile the image, painted on glass and projected, takes control of the temporal structure in the making, so typical of music.


    The new work by Fragile, the follow-up to the success of Birth of a Square, continues the duo’s work on improvisation. While once the generating idea was the narration of the birth and death of a geometric figure, now the duo concentrates on the concept of landscape and on its description: the imaginary corners of a Cartesian plane are enriched with dramaturgical elements in order to describe something elusive, scarcely defined but very real.
    Recorded live at Tempo Reale’s Studio B, the work is a perfect photograph of the duo’s current performance dimension. Post-production is limited to audio mixing and mastering, and to few colour and editing corrections in the video part.


    Pt 1 – Another possible vibration
    Pt 2 – Measured perspective
    Pt 3 – A geometry of landscape
    Pt 4 – Introitus
    Pt 5 – Another language of sorrow

    Luca Perciballi: guitar, live electronics, Revox and objects
    Mattia Scappini: live painting

    Recorded in 2019 at TEMPO REALE Firenze by Leonardo Rubboli
    Mixed and mastered by Riccardo Vandelli at Groundfloor Studio
    Video editing Massimiliano Tanganelli
    Thanks to Francesco Giomi and TEMPO REALE, Groundfloor studio.