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    Tempo Reale/Coproductions and collaborations /OPEN CALL | BACK TO SILENCE – Workshop and performance

    OPEN CALL | BACK TO SILENCE – Workshop and performance


    OPEN CALL | BACK TO SILENCE – Workshop and performance


    For the occasion of Quarto Paesaggio / Nuovi Cantieri Culturali Isolotto, Tempo Reale is giving a limited number of musicians (from any training background or origin) the chance to participate in BACK TO SILENCE, a guided workshop with closing performance which will be held from July 18th to 20th, 2018, in an open space of Quartiere 4.

    BACK TO SILENCE – Workshop and performance
    Conception: Francesco Giomi
    Direction: Agnese Banti and Francesco Giomi

    In times of uproar and uncontrolled noise, it’s important to look for silence, and to listen to the urban sound landscape in a new manner. A non-existent silence, but declined with multiple perspectives, stimulating and absorbing self-reflection but also making any action of sound or of body relative and significant. Francesco Giomi’s cycle of projects dedicated to silence intend to contribute to an attempt to explore this condition, with the objective of reaching a degree of awareness of the importance of every musical signal, even the smallest and most isolated one, as well as to explore the concepts of waiting and of concentration on the beauty of listening. A sonic action which, once declined as a short workshop for various performers of any level or language, also becomes a moment of discipline, an exercise of reflection and perception. Within the Quarto Paesaggio/Nuovi Cantieri Culturali Isolotto project, Tempo Reale will participate with the performance Back To Silence, in an open space of Quartiere 4.


    6 to 12 musicians from any training background or origin; no specific linguistic knowledge is required but technical mastery of one’s instrument and a strong predisposition to improvisation as well as to collective creative processes are recommended. One important restriction is the use of portable instruments with strong dynamic impact (such as horns, woodwinds, percussions, electric guitar/bass with battery-powered amplifier, etc.). No general amplification or electrical connections will be provided. Musicians from Quartiere 4, in Florence, will have precedence but in all cases applications from participants with any residence status will be considered. The preparation will be organised with a brief guided workshop consisting of 2 meetups lasting 1 hour each, and the performance, lasting 15-20 minutes.


    The work period is planned to be from the 18th to the 20th of July, 2018 (to be defined in greater detail) with the workshop to be held at the Tempo Reale studios of Villa Strozzi and the performance at the “Il Giardino del Gesto“ skating rink located in Via Torcicoda/Baracche Verdi, in Quartiere 4 – Isolotto di Firenze.


    For participation, please send a short CV, if possible with links to videos of performances and interpretations, within Saturday, July 7th, 2018; for further information and to send the application form please contact Agnese Banti (

    An initiative in collaboration with Virgilio Sieni | Centro nazionale di produzione
    Within the events of Quarto Paesaggio/Nuovi Cantieri Culturali Isolotto

    QUARTO PAESAGGIO is a project by Fondazione CR Firenze for the rediscovery of connection points and outskirts of the city, transforming them into an opportunity for the local community to meet up, have talks, and use these locations. Places for experimentation where new social relationships are formed thanks to art, music, dance, and contemporary media.