Udine, Il suono in mostra | Agnese Banti - Tempo Reale

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    Tempo Reale/Coproductions and collaborations /Udine, Il suono in mostra | Agnese Banti

    Udine, Il suono in mostra | Agnese Banti

    Udine, Il suono in mostra | Agnese Banti

    September, 18th – 27th 2020, Cloister and lake of Torso Garden
    /krəʊk/ – giardino (2020)
    Sound installation
    production: Tempo Reale and Spazioersetti

    /krəʊk/, in dialogue with places where, thanks to a certain acoustic quietness, one may undertake an inner listening, evokes a forgotten sonic landscape, where the multi-coloured songs of frogs and toads (animals which many cultures link to magic, to the sacred, and to transformation and rebirth) welcome the listener to a dreamlike space, bearing arcane messages. Their chorality, as it is articulated within the sonic and physical space of /krəʊk/, suggests an idea of identity which is plural and at the same time unitary, an ever-changing rhythmic swathe that immerses and absorbs listeners into a timeless ritual structure.
    Often characterised and defined by their voice, frogs have often been associated to music, for example by the Greek playwright Aristophanes in his famous play “The Frogs”. In /krəʊk/, the frogs’ ​phonè ​is a hymn to voice and to sound, intended as a primordial idea of music.

    The first study for /krəʊk/ was installed in June 2020 in the Cloister of “G. B. Martini” Conservatory of Bologna.

    Cloister and lake of Torso Garden
    Via del Sale 21

    September, 18th – 27th 2020
    everyday from 4pm to 20 pm