Teatri di Vetro @ Caffè Letterario – Rome - Tempo Reale

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    Tempo Reale/Coproductions and collaborations /Teatri di Vetro @ Caffè Letterario – Rome

    Teatri di Vetro @ Caffè Letterario – Rome

    Teatri di Vetro @ Caffè Letterario – Rome

    December 6 2019, Caffè Letterario, Rome, via Ostiense 95, from 19.00 hrs


    Artistic direction Roberta Nicolai
    Musical section curated by Enea Tomei
    Guest curators RAM radioartemobile, Francesco Giomi/Tempo Reale, and Plunge

    Teatri di Vetro 13 is a transformed body, a system divided into specific planned chapters that support and enliven the actions brought into being by a festival taking place within the contemporary scenic arts.

    Elettrosuoni is the opening party of Teatri di Vetro 13, and will be held on December 6, from 19.00 hrs onwards, at Caffè Letterario. The festival’s musical section is characterised by a strong presence of visual dramaturgy, which this year is defined by the potential of the feminine element, thus becoming Elettr@suoni.

    For this reason, the evening hosts concerts by female musicians and composers from the electronic and electroacoustic contemporary music scenes: RAM/radioartemobile, Elena Rivoltini/Alberto Barberis, IPOLOGICA, S.ee, Alessia Damiani/Salvatore Insana, Chra and the videos by Chiara Sgatti/Agnese Banti, Asia Pierotti/Giada Turini, Celina Moscuzza, and the MORE audiovisual project.

    Within the galaxy of research music, the Bologna-Florence connection is offering a fertile ground for creativity, thanks among other things to the support of institutions such as the Electronic Music School of the Conservatory of Bologna (Scuola di Musica Elettronica del Conservatorio di Bologna) and to Tempo Reale research centre in Florence. This is not so much an artistic current or a single artistic collective, but rather a common way of understanding musical thought, despite the unique diversity of forms of expression, languages, qualities, and approaches being represented. The tiny cross-section presented at TDV13 / Elettr@suoni is one of the possible perspectives, with two Tuscan sound artists who, in completely different ways, combine their paths with those of two visual artists, also characterised by radically different artistic languages. Expressing a healthy and topical diversity, an elegant and introspective sound design (Agnese Banti) dialogues with a dramatic animation story, while a soundscape reduced to its most poetic elements (Giada Turini) is coupled with symbolic photographic images of the city.

    Francesco Giomi

    The White Spot (2018)
    Agnese Banti, voice and sound design | Chiara Sgatti, direction and animation

    City Sight Listening (2019)
    Giada Turini, soundscape | Asia Pierotti, photography

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