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    Tempo Reale/Productions


    Innovation in language, musical forms and sound technologies: these are production's main goals. Drawing inspiration from the principles of quality and experimentation that characterized the work brought forward for and with Luciano Berio, Tempo Reale operates on a local, national and international level collaborating with musicians, researchers and cultural operators in order to deal with ever-evolving subject matters – such as improvisation and interactive techniques – and to find solutions that reunite tradition with a desire for renewal. New productions and related recordings are constantly presented both in Florence and in various other contexts: they often involve the definition and creation of flexible acoustic spaces, but their purpose is also that of musically occupying unconventional venues.


    Tempo Reale GIUSEPPE CHIARI | LA LUCE Audiovisual installation based on a 1966 score Light and sound project: Agnese Banti, Francesco Giomi Technical implementation:...