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    Tempo Reale/Call and residencies /PiGro Residencies| Call

    PiGro Residencies| Call

    PiGro Residencies| Call

    Support for Electronic Music School students for their preparation of the second level degree

    Tempo Reale’s residency programme supporting Music Conservatory students begins in memory of Pietro Grossi (1917-2002), a pioneer of Italian musical computer science and tireless teacher of the discipline: “PiGro”[1] is the nickname that he had given himself in his final years, which had been completely dedicated to artistic research.

    Tempo Reale is opening its spaces and its knowledge to the young students of the second level two-year courses of the many Electronic Music Schools in Italian Conservatories, offering six degree residencies every year, divided into three sessions (Winter, Summer, Autumn).

    The initiative is aimed towards the promotion and support of creativity through a simple and solid action backing the fertile Italian field of musical research conducted within conservatories, where the perspective is different from a simple acceptance of an artistic proposal: the purpose of the residency is to provide a research period that will contribute to the practical completion of a thesis, stimulating relations and reflections of a technical and/or aesthetic nature. If the degree also includes the creation of a musical work, the residence period can also be used for the preparation and completion of said work within the centre’s studios.

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    [1] Special thanks to the Grossi family for their kind concession of the use of the name.

    photo © Ulisse Albiati