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    Tempo Reale/Call and residencies /RESIDENZE KATE CALL (program currently suspended)

    RESIDENZE KATE CALL (program currently suspended)


    RESIDENZE KATE CALL (program currently suspended)

    Open call for action for artistic hospitality in the Tempo Reale studios in Florence’s Villa Strozzi

    Supported by SIAE – Classici di Oggi
    In collaboration with Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea

    As of May 2021, Tempo Reale will no longer accept applications for the KATE residency program. A new call is active:: Residenze PiGro

    Tempo Reale’s residency program starts again in memory of Caterina Poggesi, a collaborator of the centre and promoter of its first structured program of artistic residencies.

    After two years of musical residencies (2015-2016) where the centre hosted various young Italian and foreign musicians, in 2017 Tempo Reale is renewing its offer of open spaces for musicians and/or artistic entities investigating within sound and music. Furthermore, thanks to the contribution by SIAE, which has included the residency program among those financed by the “SIAE – Classici di Oggi” project, artists will now be able to benefit of a flat fee of 500€ per project pre-tax, for activities connected to the residency.

    This initiative is dedicated to the promotion and support of contemporary creativity through the mechanism of musical residencies: a simple and tangible action towards an idea of expansion of contemporary artistic languages, with a perspective beyond simple acceptance of an artistic proposal: the residency’s aim is to carry out a research period which can contribute to the creation of an artistic endeavour, as well as to stimulate reactions and reflections of a technical and/or aesthetic nature.

    Participation in the program can take place in the following two ways:

    1. Direct invitation to one or more artists by the project’s artistic commission.
    2. A selection of arts proposals with a public call for action.

    In the second case, the qualified commission will itself evaluate and select the proposals received, which must describe a creation and/or research project concerning sound.

    Artists will have access to the rooms and instruments and will perform their research autonomously, supervised in certain phases of the residency (welcoming, monitoring, conclusion) by the artistic and technical figures of the Tempo Reale team.
    The hosting will have a maximum length of three months, with timetables and frequency to be planned according to the nature of residency projects, their needs, and the amount of requests accepted – in intensive form as well as spread over various weeks – in an attempt to have multiple artistic projects coexist at the same time within Tempo Reale thus creating not just a primary level of research but also a second horizontal level of experience and exchange, with a perspective of non-formal education. At the end of the experience, when compatible with the Centre’s annual activities, an occasion where research performed is presented to the public is planned with an event/performance at Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea, or at Villa Strozzi.

    How to join the call for action:
    Send the participation request to the address enclosing:

    1. presentation of the research project (2 pages maximum)
    2. curriculum vitae of the artist or group
    3. a maximum of 3 original sound/video extracts (send link for sound/video file download)

    The call for action has no expiry date, and projects will be evaluated on a regular basis.
    There are no limits for titles, proficiencies, or age, but younger creatives will be considered first.

    Participant obligations:
    Artists benefitting from the KATE residency program are invited to mention this participation in case of further public presentations of works performed at the centre, including the following caption in public communication: «Created with the contribution of Tempo Reale’s KATE residency program».
    Accommodation for proposals not based in Florence is not guaranteed, besides the possibility of helping to find accommodation facilities in the area.