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    Tempo Reale/Scientific activity /ClockClacked | A portal for sound art

    ClockClacked | A portal for sound art

    ClockClacked | A portal for sound art

    ClockClacked is an online portal (online starting from 2pm of January 26, 2021 and presented on the occasion of the first event of PARRROLE DI SUONO) where works in the field of sound art produced and promoted by Tempo Reale since its foundation in 1987 will find their virtual home. The name is a tribute to Luciano Berio, the founder of Tempo Reale: it is taken from chapter IX of James Joyce’s Ulysses, a text Berio used for his 1958 composition Thema (Omaggio a Joyce).

    The portal aims to provide a comprehensive view of the Centre’s archival heritage, with detailed descriptions of the works and access to primary documentation and archival sources.

    Read the presentation of ClockClacked written by Giulia Sarno for [here]

    Further information in the project description: [here]

    photo: Tempo Reale, Giuseppe Chiari | La Luce © Claudia Cataldi / The Factory PRD