SPIN di Krzysztof Wołek - Tempo Reale

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    Tempo Reale/Coproduzioni e collaborazioni /SPIN di Krzysztof Wołek

    SPIN di Krzysztof Wołek

    SPIN di Krzysztof Wołek

    Tempo Reale eseguirà “SPIN” di Krzysztof Wołek insieme alla Filarmonica NFM di Wrocław.

    SPIN, for a large symphony orchestra and live electronics is a piece in which the architecture of the concert hall became an inspiration for creating a work combining the sound of the orchestra with the surrounding auditorium by means of a system of loudspeakers placed above the stage and around the audience. The title brings to mind rotation or spinning, but its sound associations with Polish words for clipping and short circuit are also important. The orchestra is connected to the electrical system and loudspeakers. Short circuit is a very important element of working with electronics. Therefore, the composition’s premise is to use the idea of a short-circuit, both as a purely musical inspiration and as a technical solution.

    20 Maggio 2023, ore 19
    NFM, Main Hall
    plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław, Poland

    Filarmonica NFM di Wrocław diretta da Vincent Kozlovsky
    Tempo Reale (Francesco Canavese, Damiano Meacci), Krzysztof Wołek – live electronics

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