Ph. Andrea AvezzuNew call artists in-residence RESIDENZE KATE

Tempo Reale artists in recidence program starts again in honour of Caterina Poggesi, our collaborator and promoter of the first structured recidency, recently passed away.

With support of SIAE - Classici di Oggi and in collaboration with Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea

After two years of artistic residencies (2015-2016) during which the center hosted young italian and foreign musicians, Tempo Reale in 2017 renew the artistc in residence program hosting musicians and/or artistic realities investigating sound and music at its studios in Villa Strozzi. Moreover, thanks to "SIAE – Classici di Oggi" project, artists will benefit from a fee of € 500 per project for activities related to the residency.

The aim is to promote and support contemporary creativity through simple and concret actions, in order to keep on developping contemporary artistic languages. The residency is not a mere acceptance of the artistic proposal: the residency purpose is to carry out a research period and to contribute at the construction of a work, as well as to stimulate relations and technical considerations and / or aesthetics.

Two different ways of partecipation:
1. direct call by one or more artists to be part of the artistic committee of the project.
2. selection of artistic proposals through a public call. In this second case, the same qualified commission will evaluate and select the received proposals, which should be connected to music and sound research

The artists will have free access to studios and equipment and will held their research independently, supervised in some phases of their work by Tempo Reale team. The residence program will have a maximum duration of three months.
At the end, in according with the annual activities of the center, a show case of the results of the reasearc project could be scheduled at Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea or at Villa Strozzi.

Call partecipation:

Application for participation must be sent to attached to:

1. Presentation of research project
2. Curriculum vitae
3. Max 3 audio / video excerpts of their own creation (send links from which to download the audio / video files)

The notice does not expire and the projects will be evaluated on a regular basis.
There are no restrictions on qualifications, skills, age, but it will be given priority to youth creativity

Partecipants obligations:

The artists in RESINDEZE KATE program are encouraged to report this participation in case of any public presentations of the work, quoting "Made with the contribution of the Tempo Reale KATE program”.